Sit in your Seat

When I was in grade school, as the end of the school day approached, students were anxious, and ready to go home. My teacher would often tell us to sit in our seat as we waited for the sound of the bell for dismissal. Sometimes we decided to have social seating as we moved around the class, and visited the desk of other students. Once the bell rang, we would rush to our desk, knocking things over, run into one another while gathering our belongings. What if we were obedient and listened and remained in our seat until the bell rang for the student release? I’m quite sure not as much havoc or chaos would have occurred.

Same question I ponder in life’s destiny and purpose. Sometimes, individuals are anxious and move around, socialize at another person’s place and leave their own seat of success unoccupied. Sitting in your seat until your appointed time is key. Life has a way of designing the right moment for you to be released to fulfill your purpose without your moving around. Sit down, listen and learn. Knowledge is powerful when poured, but potent when settled. Digest knowledge in your seat instead of socializing and creating conversations. If you tend to get antsy and fidgety, consider maturity as a resolution.  No one else can sit in your seat of success but you. It was designed for the weight of your life and the power of your purpose.

Fractional Truth: Lessons in the Lenten Season

Although we should put away childish things, some adults still conform to methods of untruth. Needless to say, sometimes this involves fractional truth: 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1.

Fractional truth involves different sects of people that have partial knowledge: 1/3 is aware of one aspect; another 1/3 of people are aware of another segment of information and another 1/3 is aware of yet an additional segment of information. All managed by one individual controlling information with a fraction of the truth to different sects of people. The “one” controlling is the “one” in all parts. Each group has a fraction of the story, but the “one” knows its entirety. The lower number is that particular group; of course, that number can change. Now, it maybe that while engaging with one particular sect, it was truth, but when the person moves to another sect, then another truth arises. Truth becomes a “moment in time” instead of fact. The moment of truth occurs when the individual engages you, but then the truth shifts to the next sect or group; so the truth becomes a moving target.

During this season, the reality that individuals will reveal what they want you to know or have determined what you need to know is stinging. This is a lifestyle that requires constant reevaluation, and tracking of what sect of people knows what. However, some have mastered this into a scientific method without error because it becomes a part of their nature. Once you have mastered masking, the recourse of conviction is undoubtedly lost. It is evident because a person continues to compartmentalize and categorize sects of people in their lives. Hopeful resolve and deliverance is only achieved when all sects are communicating and the “one” is unaware.

Individuals that tend to engage in fractional truth tend to be internally desperate for attention and significance. They tend to lead lonely, unfulfilled lives. Therefore, they create control to pretend to have influence over others. This system is corrupted and creates casualties because relationships are damaged, trust is lacking, and unethical behaviors are astronomical. The only possible means of complete deliverance comes when all sects collaborate and converse. At that point of contact, the “one” becomes accountable for the deeds done through confrontation.

Individuals that have active lifestyles of fractional truth and active sects tend to have psychological or mental issues that require professional help as well as spiritual deliverance. This is a deliberate, yet tragic manipulation of compassion, care and concern of others instituted by “the one.” So . . . how many fractional groups do you belong to?



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