Invest Inward

I’ve had a great deal of time to have some personal reflection and consider the lack in my personal life. One “slap into reality”  was my own personal impoverishment. I was so consumed with serving and supporting others, until I became an emblem of personal poverty. I was negligent in my writing, reading and self-investment. Lack of inward “investment” left me in a place of personal poverty. Although encouraging and being there for others, it was out of a poor place. What was my lifelong lesson? Investing inwardly creates a wealth place. As well, it keeps me healthy and appropriate in knowing when to pour into people and when to retreat.  #Inward #Invest #ItsPersonal

Taste of TRUTH

Photo credit: anthro_aya via / CC BY-NC-SA

I love fresh vegetable (veggie) salads. I used to add lots of Italian or Greek dressing to my salads and veggies because I love the flavor. Over a period of time, I started using less and less dressing and tasted more of the veggies. I wanted the natural goodness of the vegetables. It took some time for my taste buds to adapt and adjust to the loss of the blended taste of dressing. I took more care and concern of my health and mental awareness and there was less need for supplemental flavors to my food.

I think our lives in general work that way…we add pleasurable taste to the truth in efforts of making it more palatable. The process of mature taste for the truth in life will emerge as the appreciation and value of life changes. At some point, adding “stuff” to cope with the cover up becomes dissatisfying. Chewing and digesting the truth is an acquired taste. #TasteTruth

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