POVERTY Beyond the Penny

I have had the opportunity to participate in a book roundtable in the last few weeks. We are reading “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond. Interesting reading on poverty, as a social injustice. I would suggest that it is heart-wrenching, but more convicting as I read true stories in the very City of Milwaukee.  I realized that in my faith, there are poverty perspectives. I, myself, have areas of poverty in my heart, values and beliefs; even forgiveness. Poverty is a powerful representation of a person. It is more than just a household income, bank account and residence but rich and poor populations BOTH have places of poverty in their lives. The words of Christ carry a meaning beyond mammon: “The poor you will have with you always (Matthew 26:11, NKJV).” If I view it beyond material and manna, it is perhaps the poor within us all.

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Photo credit: Monroe’s Dragonfly via / CC BY-NC-ND

Invest Inward

I’ve had a great deal of time to have some personal reflection and consider the lack in my personal life. One “slap into reality”  was my own personal impoverishment. I was so consumed with serving and supporting others, until I became an emblem of personal poverty. I was negligent in my writing, reading and self-investment. Lack of inward “investment” left me in a place of personal poverty. Although encouraging and being there for others, it was out of a poor place. What was my lifelong lesson? Investing inwardly creates a wealth place. As well, it keeps me healthy and appropriate in knowing when to pour into people and when to retreat.  #Inward #Invest #ItsPersonal

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