No Dream Killers

DreamCritics can be dream killers. Critics are people that express unfavorable opinions about something they have no investment or passion. There is a great difference in having constructive feedback and obscure opinions. Never allow critics to crush your dream. They are usually in a posture of observing instead of working. They have a lot to say, but produce very little. So, who is really making progress? Protect and Produce your dream. #NoDreamKillers




POSITIVE. Meaning no possibility of doubt; clear and definite.

Photo credit: wadem via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Is it possible to create a day in your life with a positive perspective in every situation and circumstance? I just created doubt in that question, right? I believe that doubt is an ancient limitation in the human race. Somehow, societies around the world have embraced the idea that without negativity, there is no reality. For some people, it is more comfortable to express negative opinions and perspectives. Many people use doubt as a coping mechanism: crisis, fear of success, responsibility and accountability to name a few.

We all need a positive perspective in our lives. How to make that happen? Well, this will requires discipline in lifestyle; believe me… it is hard work. I am learning to navigate through negativity in order to arrive at a positive point. Everyday, tragedy and sadness are expressed through news, hunger, and crisis around the world. #PracticePositive

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