Access Points: Lessons in the Lenten Season

As a part of my faith practice, I always take time to reflect during this season of areas that God would have me to develop, and clean up in my life. I thought to share my lessons in my blog as they unfold.

As I was preparing to leave for worship service one morning, I gathered my tote and handbag. Clearly, I heard the spirit of the Lord tell me to snap-close my wallet. I thought it odd, because for years, I have never used the snap lever, just simply folded the wallet. I was a bit taken, but thought it was perhaps a preventive measure of loss. As I placed the items in my truck, clearly and sternly, I heard the spirit of the Lord instruct me to zip my handbag. Again, I typically use the handles, but not the lock or zipper features of the handbag. After worship service, I usually leave my personal belongings in my seat. This particular day, the spirit spoke again and instructed me to gather my things.

I was so taken by the commands, I inquired of God immediately as to the meaning of the movements. Simply, the spirit spoke to me of how I have governed access in my life – not in one area, but overall. My personal items were unattended; I was too trusting, and accustomed to leaving my life and identity open for easy access under the guise of remaining approachable. I was ashamed and embarrassed as I considered the greatness that God had entrusted and the gift of life of which I have been so careless.

Obviously, the meaning of my life is beyond a tote and handbag; I had provided open access in many areas of my life and discounted the destiny that God had so graciously given. In this time of reflection, I realized that I needed to secure and protect not only my purpose, but also, the power endowed to accomplish the assignments of my life. Access at many points is a dangerous lifestyle. I was living on the edge. I was in bondage to the traffic exchange in my life; in essence, it was subtle people pleasing. Whosoever will let him come and pass through my life purpose. Some people used the access as a rest stop, some used it for a restroom to expel the waste and mess in their own lives, others a freeway for speed and others a bypass through a construction demo site. My lifestyle exemplified whosoever will let him have access. Recognizing and accepting is a difficult task, but a necessity to living free from the foolishness of others. The lesson: Stop lending your life.

Fear . . . what else to say?

Off the cuff, with no thought . . . straight from my mind to the keyboard. I am beginning to walk into the next phase of my life and I am doing it “afraid.” Yes, I am going to move into destiny and vision in the face of fear.  I have no ties or commitment to fear, but sometimes it does tempt me by offering a bargain or deal. I simply cannot afford the payments.

What is fear? A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain; whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. Most of the time, the threat or concerns are imagined. Fear is not a gift from God; there is nothing revelatory or magical about it.

Fear has a lot of customers and faithful subscribers. Interestingly, the spirit always recruits, advertises and markets. I often wonder how fear has the time to meet one-on-one with each potential customer and maintain current clients and customers. To my understanding, fear has low attrition rates. When some people leave, they return for comfort because they just cannot live without the limitations fear has to offer. Limitations is one of the most popular products on the market fear has to offer. There is no limit per customer – take as many as you like and as often as you need them.  Just in case you did not know, fear does have a product line, prescriptions and therapy program.

Stay tuned . . .the next few blogs will deal with fear. So much to talk about.



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