Sit in your Seat

When I was in grade school, as the end of the school day approached, students were anxious, and ready to go home. My teacher would often tell us to sit in our seat as we waited for the sound of the bell for dismissal. Sometimes we decided to have social seating as we moved around the class, and visited the desk of other students. Once the bell rang, we would rush to our desk, knocking things over, run into one another while gathering our belongings. What if we were obedient and listened and remained in our seat until the bell rang for the student release? I’m quite sure not as much havoc or chaos would have occurred.

Same question I ponder in life’s destiny and purpose. Sometimes, individuals are anxious and move around, socialize at another person’s place and leave their own seat of success unoccupied. Sitting in your seat until your appointed time is key. Life has a way of designing the right moment for you to be released to fulfill your purpose without your moving around. Sit down, listen and learn. Knowledge is powerful when poured, but potent when settled. Digest knowledge in your seat instead of socializing and creating conversations. If you tend to get antsy and fidgety, consider maturity as a resolution.  No one else can sit in your seat of success but you. It was designed for the weight of your life and the power of your purpose.

Faith to Focus

So many different venues of my life always had the core of “focus.” It seems like whenever I was given a word of encouragement or support, somehow the statement of “stay focused” always wiggled its way in my path. No matter how hard I tried with declarations, positive thoughts and activity, I was limited in what I was able to produce as a writer. Life always seemed to create a detour from writing and my attention was directed towards other matters. I realized that I did not fully understand what it meant to stay focused. I thought I understood what it meant to be focused until one day, I just sat down and pondered the question: what does it mean to be focused?

Focus means to pay special attention to. I finally got it! I needed to pay special attention to my purpose; for me, that meant to pay special attention to my writing. I conveniently reprioritized matters and responsibilities as needed and writing became a negotiable, but it was deemed as “special.” Needless to say, I was never able to produce maximum results in other areas of life. As I released more energy in my writing, I was sharper in other aspects of my life. As I exercised my faith in writing, my focus was sharper. I had to have faith in my purpose in order to focus.

Others may cheer, support and validate, but unless you have faith, you cannot consistently give attention to the divine purpose of your life. It is a requirement to work your faith to focus on purpose. Faith is the fuel needed to focus [give special attention to] your purpose.

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