The D-Deficit (Segment 2): First things First

Although one may be well aware of what they were born to do, created to do, or called to do, we are not in ready form and this is where development is important but preceded by an important life phased called deliverance. Individuals that aspire to fulfill their purpose, ministry calling or dreams most often want to complete their life in excellence. First things first: deliverance before development.

It is easy to design a plan of success or track of development, but it will end with the casualty of the calling if deliverance is not first and foremost. I have witnessed too many times individuals that want to be successful, influential and powerful, but not delivered. Developing someone that is undelivered, lends to unexpected endings, abandonment and additional damage to the person.

Development to fulfill destiny should not be taken lightly. Impacting the lives of others with our own greed, selfishness, paranoia, anxiety, lies, 9-lives, generational curses, competition and control, pride, jealousy, strife, and drama is a sure blend for calling-catastrophe. Deliverance is the gate to greatness. If not, it is inevitable that one will struggle with destiny due to their internal impurities. Deliverance requires dealing with in-depth issues of childhood, neglect, orphan and nomadic spirits of witchcraft that you will impart into the lives of others. Psychological manners of bipolar, and diabolical mentalities feast on the flesh of those that have a mandate to lead and be influential in the lives others.

Individuals that forfeit deliverance will be responsible for the lives contaminated by the infestations of their own lust. Deliverance is not only acquired through prayer, but almost all of the time involves professional, detailed psychotherapy to unravel layers of denial and emotional cankers that seek to destroy purpose. It takes a ready individual with strong support to face internal detriments. It is not necessary that the individual has the personal strength, but has a source of strength in a support system to face the reality. Most often it is easier for one to walk away and say: “I didn’t know it would take all of this;” “I can’t do this;” “This is too much;” “I can’t handle this;” “I was doing fine like this before;” “What does this have to do with my ministry?” “God doesn’t deal like that” “This is not God;” “The Lord didn’t show me this;” “Too much in my business.”

Admitting that you are mess, need deliverance or need help is easy; dealing with it is difficult. Notice that all statements somehow involve the perspective and assessment of the person that needs deliverance; pretty faulty. How does the one that need deliverance determine how they should be developed? If the case, why has it not been accomplished?

At some point, when do you realize that you perhaps do not know what is best for you or have the eternal blueprints? It is a prime example of corrupted control. Deliverance means to be rescued, saved or set free. Simply, you need to be free from self and face the truth that you cannot develop you. Someone has walked the path prior and understands the journey. After all, you are still needing to be developed . . . first things first . . . deliverance before development.

Meat Matters . . .

As a child, I always wanted to finish my dinner quickly so I can have a large serving of dessert or evening snacks. During holiday seasons, my favorite snacks were marshmallows. I would try and limit my dinner portion so I would not be full for dessert, but that never worked well with my mom. In my older years, I maintained those same practices; not intentionally, but it was ingrained in my lifestyle. This reminds me of ministry development and as I began to reflect on my experiences as well as others, the same principle of sweetness was relevant.

There are many elements within ministry development that require the meat of the word as well as vegetation for healthy growth. Many times, because we are impatient, we prefer the sweetness of ministry rewards without fully digesting the meat and vegetables. Ministry development not only requires patience, but a different bite into the word. Proper vegetation flushes the system of an individual and cleanses while chewing the meat. Without the protein of power and purpose, your nutritional value will surely lack and your strength will wither.

One cannot survive in ministry on a diet of goodies and accolades. Take time and eat the meat and vegetables. Be patient, because if you are not used to substance, you may experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches and vomiting until you adjust to the strong taste of meat. When an individual accepts kingdom development, the body will reject the first few meals initially; this creates false health alerts and concerns. This is normal; just keep eating the meat with your meals, but remember to eat slowly. The digestive process will take some time.

I always advise individuals to stay calm and not be concerned with the sugar withdrawals; receiving feedback not full of sugar and additives to your ears is difficult; especially if you are not used to criticism and critique. Typically one may experience headaches from hearing truth and vision may become blurred as adjustments are made internally. You may wrongfully assess feedback as an external attack. More often than not, the sugar has hardened inside of your being. Meat does not digest well with walls of sugar and sweeteners. It is important to eat fresh vegetables for the flushing and cleansing of internal walls from the build up of foolishness. So, be patient . . . ministry development requires break down before build up. It may not be what you want, but you need it to maintain a healthy body.



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