Faith to Focus

So many different venues of my life always had the core of “focus.” It seems like whenever I was given a word of encouragement or support, somehow the statement of “stay focused” always wiggled its way in my path. No matter how hard I tried with declarations, positive thoughts and activity, I was limited in what I was able to produce as a writer. Life always seemed to create a detour from writing and my attention was directed towards other matters. I realized that I did not fully understand what it meant to stay focused. I thought I understood what it meant to be focused until one day, I just sat down and pondered the question: what does it mean to be focused?

Focus means to pay special attention to. I finally got it! I needed to pay special attention to my purpose; for me, that meant to pay special attention to my writing. I conveniently reprioritized matters and responsibilities as needed and writing became a negotiable, but it was deemed as “special.” Needless to say, I was never able to produce maximum results in other areas of life. As I released more energy in my writing, I was sharper in other aspects of my life. As I exercised my faith in writing, my focus was sharper. I had to have faith in my purpose in order to focus.

Others may cheer, support and validate, but unless you have faith, you cannot consistently give attention to the divine purpose of your life. It is a requirement to work your faith to focus on purpose. Faith is the fuel needed to focus [give special attention to] your purpose.

No Opinions on Purpose

I just completed a major research project and had the honor of presenting my published work as a visiting faculty at another University. There was an interesting response about the opportunity. An individual was seemingly disappointed that my endeavor was not farther away from home. Admittedly, I was bewildered by their reaction, as they have always been a great supporter. I listened previously on many occasions to their opinions and observations of my journey. Perhaps too many suggestions were considered and they became comfortable in assessing my experiences. I realized that I extended rights and privileges for their opinions.

Never allow someone else to take ownership or credit for the gifts and privileges bestowed upon you. We have mentors, accountability partners, supporters, those that water, and some that plant, but the ultimate gift of purpose is upon your life. Of course we would all love the support, but stay focused in fulfilling your purpose and completing destiny’s journey. Wisdom and wise counsel are surely vital to move forward. Keep opinions out of the garden of purpose.

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