Fear . . . what else to say?

Off the cuff, with no thought . . . straight from my mind to the keyboard. I am beginning to walk into the next phase of my life and I am doing it “afraid.” Yes, I am going to move into destiny and vision in the face of fear.  I have no ties or commitment to fear, but sometimes it does tempt me by offering a bargain or deal. I simply cannot afford the payments.

What is fear? A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain; whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. Most of the time, the threat or concerns are imagined. Fear is not a gift from God; there is nothing revelatory or magical about it.

Fear has a lot of customers and faithful subscribers. Interestingly, the spirit always recruits, advertises and markets. I often wonder how fear has the time to meet one-on-one with each potential customer and maintain current clients and customers. To my understanding, fear has low attrition rates. When some people leave, they return for comfort because they just cannot live without the limitations fear has to offer. Limitations is one of the most popular products on the market fear has to offer. There is no limit per customer – take as many as you like and as often as you need them.  Just in case you did not know, fear does have a product line, prescriptions and therapy program.

Stay tuned . . .the next few blogs will deal with fear. So much to talk about.



The Minority Matriarchs: no legacy gaps

As I look across social media, news articles and television, my heart is in a state of shock and discontent. Seemingly, there is a rage in the earth against minority daughters. Sudden death, runaway and missing girls, and group kidnappings are becoming an uncomfortable norm not locally, not nationally, but globally. Interestingly, the female minority is the target . . . from my perspective. The Nigerian girls – future mothers of many and one of many instances, have become political assets.

A few years ago, I wrote a research paper on the most diverse generation becoming the next global leaders. Here we are, years later, with the most diverse generation in the history of generations entering the workforce . . .minorities. Leading in that scope is the female gender that is now a target of extinction? Minority women are not limited to African Americans, but they are the soil of success and we are losing ground.

Prayer is critical, but better with involvement at an active level of personal influence. Understand that the great initiative of the black man bondage is well underway with new jail systems, and revolving penitentiaries; operation black man bondage is at an advanced level. But, minority females are a rising focus. The second tier plan of destroying minority vision is underway. Let’s recognize this living homicide and speak loudly. This is no longer a solo issue of discrimination, but inclusive of destiny. The matriarch legacies of creativity and intellect such as Dr. Maya Angelou are passing; we must not allow a gap of Greatness.

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