Quiet in the Queue

The summer season affords me the opportunity to dig deep within my soul. In my early 40s, I found myself drifting from television. As I emptied the drama shows, seemingly, the drama was emptied out of my life. Now in my 50s, I spend most of my alone time in the quiet. I have the options of television, media and music; I love the quiet and its gentleness. There is something sacred about the quiet that not only calms, but conditions and nourishes my mind. The absence of abrupt voices remind me that I am exempt from conversation by choice. I’ve learned to put quiet in the queue of life.  In the quiet, my soul is yielded to peace. I have the right to live a quiet life exempt from opinion, criticism, confusion and chaos.

#stayfocused #staytrue #stayyou

“Pick that up”

It’s been oh-so long since I have “picked up my pen.” Of course, I am writing from a literal perspective of “clicking keys.” This is a time in my life that I am in deep reflection of the many accomplishments, failures, unfinished tasks and the future.

I started writing with rhythm about a week ago. Today, in over 10 years, I rode my beautiful bike. The bike ride was smooth – like I never stopped biking. So, I’m realizing that in this season, I’m picking up some things I dropped. They are in the same place I left them.

#WritingwithRhythm #stayfocused #staytrue #stayyou

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