Back on the Bike. . .I picked that up

“Back on the Bike” July 4th! It’s been 10 years since my last bike ride. I could hardly believe it. My beautiful bike sat still for 10 years. I was a bit hesitant to go for a ride, but why not? My hubby cleaned my bike and I got my gloves, glasses, helmet and water bottle up and we hit the trail! Wow! It was a seamless transition on the path. I was riding with a flow and feeling great, stress extracting from my being. I felt good and regained my confidence and love for biking once again. I didn’t restart, but I returned to that which was good for me! My bike seat was uncomfortable and I had to readjust several times. It was necessary because I had become so comfortable in one place.  I’m just grateful for the opportunity to “Pick that up.”

“Pick that up”

It’s been oh-so long since I have “picked up my pen.” Of course, I am writing from a literal perspective of “clicking keys.” This is a time in my life that I am in deep reflection of the many accomplishments, failures, unfinished tasks and the future.

I started writing with rhythm about a week ago. Today, in over 10 years, I rode my beautiful bike. The bike ride was smooth – like I never stopped biking. So, I’m realizing that in this season, I’m picking up some things I dropped. They are in the same place I left them.

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