My Bike Ride…The Art of Braking

The Art of BikingIt’s been interesting to re-engage the art of the bike ride. The braking techniques have been a killer to put into rhythm. If I brake too quick and fast, I can tumble over the handle bar and if I break extreme, an irritating, loud noise sounds off.  If I hit the front brake instead of the rear, that causes issues as well.

For years, I’ve been biking in ignorance – the get on and go kind of method. “I know how to ride a bike.” I upgraded the bike, but did not upgrade in understanding. My front brakes stop me and my rear breaks slow the speed. Most of my stopping power is in the front. Without using good techniques, I could “fly over the handle.” I hate wearing my bike helmet, but if I had practiced some safety in my personal life, the fall would not have been so painful and hard. I’ve had some hard stops as well and some “bike fall-me fall.” My bike brakes have taught me a lot about my life. It’s all about losing the ignorance, learning technique and putting it into rhythm. Bike better, live better.


A different kind of day

I enjoy beginning my summer days on the balcony. I am learning to slow down and appreciate each day as a new creation. In living so many years in fast-pace, I forfeited the pleasure of living. You can never gain value in what you forfeit. I am just gaining an understanding of what is valuable and meaningful in my life. I lost the art of self-celebration in serving others. I have no regrets, just thankful for the realization.

#stayfocused #staytrue #stayyou

Photo by Claudio Castelli on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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