Fall 2014

Meat Matters . . .

As a child, I always wanted to finish my dinner quickly so I can have a large serving of dessert or evening snacks. During holiday seasons, my favorite snacks were marshmallows. I would try and limit my dinner portion so I would not be full for dessert, but that never worked well with my mom. In my older years, I maintained those same practices; not intentionally, but it was ingrained in my lifestyle. This reminds me of ministry development and as I began to reflect on my experiences as well as others, the same principle of sweetness was relevant.

There are many elements within ministry development that require the meat of the word as well as vegetation for healthy growth. Many times, because we are impatient, we prefer the sweetness of ministry rewards without fully digesting the meat and vegetables. Ministry development not only requires patience, but a different bite into the word. Proper vegetation flushes the system of an individual and cleanses while chewing the meat. Without the protein of power and purpose, your nutritional value will surely lack and your strength will wither.

One cannot survive in ministry on a diet of goodies and accolades. Take time and eat the meat and vegetables. Be patient, because if you are not used to substance, you may experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches and vomiting until you adjust to the strong taste of meat. When an individual accepts kingdom development, the body will reject the first few meals initially; this creates false health alerts and concerns. This is normal; just keep eating the meat with your meals, but remember to eat slowly. The digestive process will take some time.

I always advise individuals to stay calm and not be concerned with the sugar withdrawals; receiving feedback not full of sugar and additives to your ears is difficult; especially if you are not used to criticism and critique. Typically one may experience headaches from hearing truth and vision may become blurred as adjustments are made internally. You may wrongfully assess feedback as an external attack. More often than not, the sugar has hardened inside of your being. Meat does not digest well with walls of sugar and sweeteners. It is important to eat fresh vegetables for the flushing and cleansing of internal walls from the build up of foolishness. So, be patient . . . ministry development requires break down before build up. It may not be what you want, but you need it to maintain a healthy body.



Kingdom or Candy?

There is a great shaking of desperation in the earth. Violence is beyond death, but prevalent in character assassination, criticism, scandal, and media abuse. Death is beyond the grave; it is alive – more detrimental than physical death. We kill with tags, posts and text. We dig gross graves of gossip and slander. We slit the throat of Christ with baggage and backlash. Harming helpless to prove a point. Killing visions and dreams for a like, stealing joy for a stat. What has happened to kingdom believers? Perhaps it was merely a title or fad phrase and not a lifestyle of internal change? What is the taste of your tongue – Kingdom or Candy?

Some play “hide and seek” with vision and opportunity instead of living and breathing transparency. So, it is NOT all about the kingdom, but personal agenda. Personal agendas are weak and watered – no taste or salt added; but bland and bursting with additives for superficial instead of supernatural. Kingdom as taught by the greatest Rabbi that walked the earth, is not merely a tuning of words or eloquent speech declaring insight, but moist manna that feeds the soul of the surviver that has been delivered from religious temptations. Kingdom is a mystical phenomenon that is continually evolving by supernatural substance and not carnal candy. Nothing is sweet, but everything is ‘seasoned.’ Kingdom or Candy?

Many would say this is not befitting to the holiday season; I did that last year. Would you like some cookies to calm your cravings? Endangering the delivery of truth is not healthy, but toxic to the recipient’s destiny. . . and mine too. As I always say: “Lives are on the line.” We are not gaining leverage, we are losing life. Kingdom or Candy?

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