I love flowers for every season. Several weeks ago I purchased large, colorful mum plants. They were healthy and blooming beautifully. Mums require just the right amount of water and over the years, I have mastered the level of care. I instructed my husband to water them while I was away. Upon my return, I noticed the plants were brown, discolored and very dry. I realized that they did not receive enough water. My plants were not able to recover from the lack of water and care. My husband did not want to extend too much water, but ended up not giving enough water – of course, this was not his forte; he was just a temporary caregiver. Thus, I could not get upset or angry about my dry plants because I left them to the care of someone else that was not astute to the process.

Lesson learned. How many individuals leave the care of dreams, visions, and destiny to temporary caregivers? Sometimes we depend upon others to care and make provision for what was assigned to our lives. When they are unsuccessful, we blame them for what they were never designed to do. Take ownership; you have the rights to your destiny, vision and dreams. You are the only one that knows the care plan and direction for your journey.