To be teachable: apt and willing to learn; able to be taught. First lesson for me many years ago from one of my mentors: You need to become teachable. My response was “I am and that is why I am here.” He stared at me and shook his head  in dismay. I continued to explain that if I was not interested and did not want the teaching, I would not be sacrificing my time and would not take the feedback. I explained that I came to him for help and I do everything he tells me to do.  I had my notebooks, outlines and came ready for sessions. I was offended that he even suggested that I was not teachable. I had completed one degree already and had a career; that must have meant something. He kept looking at me and finally stated: “You never once asked me what I meant, you assumed your own understanding. See you next week.” Session ended.

Teachable . . . more on the blog next Tuesday