Transparency is mandatory in personal development. This has been a part of my own personal process; as well, I have observed the evolution of truth in the lives of others. Development in your purpose, ministry or life calling requires a track of transparency before written plans, or programs.

This is not always an easy portion for individuals that struggle with forms of accountability. Transparency requires clarity, and projection in one’s life and this can be difficult to handle. It requires that all segments of your life (not just one component) become an example of decision. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is never assume that transparency is understood by others. My negligence in assuming created pain in due process and hurt in the lives of others. More damage was done because transparency was not emphasized as crucial and many thought it was optional or partial was enough.

Where does lack of transparency derive? It is a learned lifestyle. Based upon situations, circumstances and seasons in life, some individuals go into self-preservation, self-protection and self-satisfaction modes. This prompts ambiguity in our lifestyle.

Development of purpose involves developing healthier convictions and values that are not supplemented by excuses and explanations. Transparency is often misrepresented of a “tell all” or “business broadcast,” but not so. Transparency is the engagement of truth. The truth is sometimes difficult for many people to accept; this is an unfortunate reality. The transparency track is an inward process. For some, it is easier to deal with a written plan of programs than an internal illumination of you.