In my own professional quest, I have aspired for opportunities of which I was confident of my qualifications and skills. Once questioned and tested, I realized I had experience in some areas, but not seasoned enough to meet the qualifications of an expert or well-versed individual in my field. Experience can be considered a once or twice opportunity, but seasoned is over an extended period of time.

I have noted in corporate and ministry settings that individuals believe they are seasoned because they have been faithful for several years, but they only have experience when it comes to specialized areas. In order for an individual to become seasoned, there is a lot of time invested in doing what you do, with grace and goodness. A seasoned person does not live by the moment. Seasoned individuals have emerged in an area of expertise; not trying to figure it out. Seasoned individuals have learned lessons not just stories to tell.

Experience is limited because it offers no lessons. You can also identify someone with experience in conversation. One of the biggest gaps between experienced and seasoned individuals is detail. Common phrases of: “I have done this;” “I have performed this;” “I have seen that before;” “I have done that already.” These phrases suggest one’s immaturity as they calculate once or twice as enough or overall try summarize intellect with “I get it;” or frequent nods which notify their lack of attention to detail and short attention span. An individual with experience has general descriptions, but a seasoned person has wisdom to share and storms to testify.

A rookie will run with experience looking for open doors, chasing distant dreams and drumming to the beat of an unfaithful crowd; but a seasoned person will stand still and weather the storms of which they testify.