It is a new year with new opportunities to conquer ignorance

Earlier in the week, I had an opportunity to dialogue with a young, aspiring adult about their goals. The young woman desired to enter the entertainment and modeling industry. I inquired regarding her preparation for the path and she responded that she really did not need training, education or a coach because she watches television a lot. She had picked up model movements by watching television.

My initial reaction was that of a bull that beamed the color red for the charge, but instead, I listened to her plans. She could not share her plan of entry for career progression. She did not understand business strategies, financial planning/investment, and had no intentions on having a business consultant or manager. She was going to move forward from what she captured from viewing television programs, social media articles, and pictures. I graciously and uniquely suggested that she reevaluate her definition of success and extend her reach beyond the local markets.

Just because we see something, we are not always ready to do something. It is not wise to view from an external position and assess internal content. Not engaging in the details of destiny is a setup for short success. She was simply planning her destiny by visual means without understanding the industry, influences or operations. How many individuals experience short-term dreams because they ‘see’ others and think they can accomplish the same? This is a sting of ignorance. It was disturbing because the young woman spoke very confidently about her method of pursuit, not realizing she was misrepresenting her intelligence.

I am a visual learner, but in my wiser years, I have learned to examine the in-depth perspectives and requirements prior to my decisions. Just because we “see” does not mean we can “be.” After several exchanges, I stopped posing questions as her tears began to stream. Why? Mission accomplished . . . breaking ignorance without crushing confidence.