I was sitting in my office staring in the window and watching the leaves fall. I was mesmerized by the leaves falling and literally researched why leaves fall off of trees! I discovered that shedding leaves helps a tree conserve energy and water. As the weather changes, hormones in the tree trigger the process of abscission whereby the leaves are actively cut-off by specialized cells.

There is actually a seasonal process for shedding leaves. Imagine the damage if the leaves remained year round; the tree would lose energy and have no water supply because the leaves would extract the resources and the tree would not survive. I would also imagine that the tree would have a rest period before the new season of growth and the weight and responsibility of the new bloom. The roots and core of the tree had to be released from the past season.

I believe that life has a similar process . . . seasonal shedding of the leaves of life. It is necessary that some things and people in our lives fall off so you can survive and have enough nutrients for the upcoming winter. Otherwise, you may die of lack and over exertion in supporting their needs, and the weight and heaviness upon your branches. The abscission process is not just scientific, but very spiritual. The most fascinating aspect is the tree actually triggers the process – almost as though your life knows the season.

The process of old things falling away is natural. If only we can learn to live within the natural movement instead of fertilizing dead weights. Sometimes, we stress our branches and irritate our roots holding on to an inevitable loss. It is natural to release because the season of reward shall return.