A few weeks ago, I sprained my knee while moving some boxes. Now that I have some age upon me, healing takes a while. I was in great pain and my knee resembled a personal size watermelon. The discomfort was very difficult to bare and my movements were slow. I needed extra assistance and sitting too long would cause stiffness. As the days progressed, the pain subsided, but I was still cautious in my movements.

Eventually, I was able to handle staircase movement. The swelling eventually dissolved and I used my brace seldom. One day, I was conversing and became distracted and walked into a glass table with custom end points. You guessed it . . . I hit the recovering knee . . . ouch! I screamed very loudly and the pain felt that same as the initial sprain. My knee began to swell immediately and the brace returned.

My knee took a hit that it could not handle. Although I was moving and regaining strength and movement, one bad bruise created a major setback in my healing. I was not careful in viewing my surroundings and walked right into a danger zone. I literally restarted the healing process over again. The knee “looked fine” on surface, but the internal was not completely healed.

I reflected on some situations that I walked into and the internal matters of my heart were not ready to handle them. The bruising became bitter. Sometimes we are just simply not ready to handle matters from a surface perspective and that is okay. The easy movements fooled me, but when the hit came, I got injured and the pain increased. I am learning that healing is not a surface process.