I thought to share some thoughts on the fad use of the word relevant. Relevant has been used in determining human significance. I am not so sure that this was an implication of its original definition. According to the infamous online dictionary, it means: closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand. One of the key elements of that definition deals with ‘matter’ or ‘substance.’

Seemingly, the meaning of relevant is used in a much broader context beyond significance to things, and situations. Somehow, in the journey of soothing low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, the human race has ascribed its meaning as a form status. This need for status has interchangeably been noted as “relevant.” The fad and misapplication of relevant has done nothing more than escalate an already existing identity crisis for many people. Relevance deals more with material and the study of many subjects; it is in the realm of “knowledge” and the applicability of information. Social status, and the desire of being important to someone and the need to be needed are black holes. A person that is motivated by relevance in the lives of others lives in darkness and cannot see the light of reality.

Where does this quest to be relevant stem from? The Needy. Individuals that need validation, need approval, need attention, need nurturing, need consoling, need conversation, need acceptance, need approval and need to be needed are trapped in a delusional state. Sadly, the need for relevance also destroys relationships and causes the very individual the person seeks relevance, to withdraw and close access. When a person has the need to be relevant to others, they place that burden upon the person or persons in which they seek validation; and in most cases holding them accountable and responsible without ever telling them. How does this occur? They are so captured to pursue a status of relevance, they are in a fog of fantasy.

The need of relevance causes one to lose focus on purpose. Eventually, these individuals become nothing more than people pleasers and strive for acceptance of others. Sometimes so desperate, they belittle purpose and become pawns to low-bidders. They just want to be relevant to someone while living in the dark of destiny. Some signature statements of individuals in the pursuit of relevant: “At least I matter;” “This is better than nothing;” “At least I have someone.”

What does the relevant status provide? Nothing. It only exists in the mind of the needy. Knowledge can move from one application to another. Having that knowledge, does not make you relevant, it makes you resourceful.

A word of insight and wisdom to mental prosperity: stop trying to be relevant, and be real.