“Whatever.” One word used in many conversations, statements and arguments, but the meaning is strongly underestimated. One word has the power to change many dynamics of life. For the spiritually conscious, the world was created with spoken words; people, places and things have names.

Whatever means to emphasize a lack of restriction in referring to any thing or amount, no matter what when operating as a pronoun. Now, that is power! No restrictions as to the amount of emphasis or impact when the word is released from our lips! Literally, there are no boundaries and no barriers. This word is Timeless.

Interestingly, we wonder why things suddenly change. What happened? Why now? What the heck? Where did that come from? Why is this happening to me? What got into him? Her? What did I do? How did I get here? Why am I here? Why is this cycle occurring?

When is the last time you released what inside of ever? You provide unlimited access to your life for anything to occur and in any order, by any means necessary. Energy from your lips is power for the unexpected to perform. Consider emotional responses and don’t care attitudes and consider where you place “what.” Responses are the doorway to revocation of many things in life. Temporal, rash decisions are hazardous to visions, dreams and destiny.

After awhile, unexpected shifts, transitions, and changes begin to disrupt life and you are clueless to how careless you were with words. Of course, no one wants to walk on eggshells in living, but living in lack and disruption can generate from simple access points. Yes, you gave access to any area of your life with whatever; regardless if relevant to its use. You created its meaning to your life. Whatever has no boundaries. Words seize the wealthiest part of purpose from your life. The release of what in the ever has instigated the death of destiny for many. Destiny dies daily in the lives of many due to unnatural causes.