My absolute favorite fruit is watermelon. I actually love watermelon with seeds and enjoy them during their peak season. I purchased a small personal one that was sitting on the kitchen counter for a few days. I was very busy, and delayed cutting the watermelon. One morning my husband informed me that he went into the kitchen and the entire floor was wet and there was water on the side counter. He could not identify the source of the water flow. Eventually, he picked up the watermelon and realized it had spoiled, had a small burst and all the fluid drained out. He cleaned it up and mopped the floor.

We have hardwood floors in the kitchen and I noticed later in the day that the floor was sticky. I had to mop it 3 times to ensure it was smooth without residue from the melon. I also cleansed the counters a few more times.

This was a situation that opened my mind to a parable of life. As with the melon, I kept delaying the cut until eventually a burst and mess occurred. If I had cut the melon, I would have enjoyed the fruit. Instead, there was a spillage that created residue on the counter tops and floors. This sticky residue hit the top and floor foundation. There were several cleansing series required. Ignoring or delaying creates a mess to clean up.

A personal size watermelon took up time in my workday that I did not anticipate. I used extra cleaning products and honestly, missed the enjoyment of seasonal fruit simply because I delayed the cut.