Fear is not a spirit of compromise; it is a strong principality that has the ability to dominate not only the emotional nature of an individual, but the mind. Fear has the ability to expand its territory of torture through the mind. The mind is the soul realm that houses the compounds of eternity.

Understand that the magnitude of managing your mind is complex. Fear has therapeutic programs to keep the mind under subjection to its reign and deactivate your resistance. Once you are in the confines of fear, you are a ward of the suppressive state. This qualifies you for the witness protection program.

The witness protection program is voluntary. This program is designed to protect you from responsibility, accountability, maturity, and progress – you are in the program for life. You can obtain therapeutic washing away of truth and transparency as a part of the premium benefits. Fear will take the forefront of all your concerns. This is the comfort of knowing you will not have to witness any vision of destiny. Denial blinds your eyes in the program so you will not view any perspective of destiny and purpose. You do not have to bear witness to change, power or authority. The program changes your life. You have agents that accompany you everywhere to make sure you are protected from any promises, or any and everything requiring faith with work.

Why is the program so unique to fear? Some individuals simply cannot handle opposition, rejection, or the thought of failure. The possibility stifles the mind and places an automatic limitation on life to avoid failing. Examples of fear of failing phrases:

Who is going to support me?

I do not want to hear no.

I am just not good enough.

Can this really happen?

Is this really what God is saying?

I don’t have enough patience.

I am not ready.

I’m workin’ on me right now.

I need money.

I have to go to school.

I have to pay bills right now.

You have to desire not to live out your destiny to qualify for this program. It provides 24-hour protection while you are in a high-threat environment. Any environment that promotes purpose and accountability of destiny is a threat. As a part of this program you receive assistance for living. If you have children while in the program, they are automatically enrolled with no efforts on your end – this is a generational dependency program. The fear witness protection program . . . do you really want those oppressive benefits?