Living on the coast is a beautiful experience, but you have to understand the seasons of that type of lifestyle. During hurricane season, you have to be ready for storm systems. Now, some individuals have grown accustomed to storms and feel that since they have survived all of them, they have nothing to worry about. I grew up in the south and my family and I weathered many hurricanes. Hurricanes have a 3-part system: the front, the eye and the back of the storm. Sometimes the level of strength can be deceiving until the storm hits land.

Each storm has its own mark and identity defined by its strength. Its ability to control can be catastrophic. The beginning of the storm may seem as though it is a bad rain and windstorm and maybe you can feel some shaking. Then, a few hours later, there is the “eye” of the storm. Its beauty is immaculate and breathtaking. The earth is quiet and the sky has a beautiful color that is indescribable to the naked eye. No noise, just simply quiet and peaceful. The eye is very deceptive and you assume all is well, things are moving well and the storm is over. Is that not like our lives? Sometimes we think life does not take a lot or individuals over react, too intense, so serious, too many details until we are caught off guard by the back of the storm. The back end of the storm brings the torture and catastrophic movement of not only shaking, but also lifting houses, cars, and boats, snapping trees and creating damage beyond the definition of a natural disaster. Just as life, the back end takes things out of place, we lose things, relationships and sometimes our purpose. Sometimes, catastrophic storms leave individuals without power – for days, weeks, and even months. Life without power? Unprepared because we thought the storm was either over or we would come through with no loss; such subtle deception.

There are storms in life-undeniably. Sometimes when clouds form, they do not storm right away – it is only a sign of what is to come and in life, it can take awhile. For you, a thousand years are as a passing day,
as brief as a few night hours (Psalm 90:4; NLT). Clouds may form quickly, and storm much later. The eye of a storm will deceive you into believing the clouds have cleared. Just know all clouds are not visible to the naked eye and neither are situations until it’s over.