The concept of lifelong learner was introduced to me during my graduate program. Years later, I have gained a deeper understanding of this type of learner. A lifelong learner is self-motivated, but not necessarily self-taught. The lifelong learner lives for wisdom, and understanding. The individual remains teachable and respects the source of knowledge.

The opposite of the lifelong learner is the limited learner. They are overly confident in their own self-study, self-pace course. These individuals challenge new information, or add their own perspective. Some infamous phrases of the limited learner: “I was just thinking about that;” “I was going to say that;” “I read that the other day;” “Add this as well.”

Ahhh . . . the know-it-all that knows nothing. Limited learners are intimidated by information not derived from them. They are secretly competitive and try to prove their point by challenging and showing they are at the same level of a lifelong learner. They pride themselves on doing their own research and using antiquated methods.

Formal education is not the only source of lifelong learning. Your mentality is the folder with life lessons. Life is the only course without extra credit and no homework. We are never exempt from exams. The source of information has a great deal to do with the measure of success. We live daily, so we learn daily. Lifelong or limited learner? Who are you?