Returning to my blog after a season of intimate, spiritual sacrifice. Life has many turns, twists and layers that may not be visible to the naked eye, but always available to the heart. The greatest lesson in my 40-day journey of penitence and reflection was realizing that in some parts of my adult life I missed some powerful lessons and wisdom because I was in a state of observation-only. I have creatively termed this state as Look and Learn. It is only valuable for life beginners, unfortunately for me, it became a residual resource in some seasons of my life. Everyone needs a model to follow and there is nothing wrong with that when you are growing, developing. However, the challenge emerges when a seasoned adult continues to view from an observatory perspective and immature opinion.

You see, there are different types of learning styles. Some people are visual learners. They learn by observation, but I find Look and Learn holding great limitations considering you are only viewing the life of someone else without experience. It is so easy to draw assumptions and invalid conclusions based upon the naked eye. Observers eventually become obsolete and forfeit opportunity. Everything viewed does not apply to your life.

Lastly, Look and Learn embraces a certain level of fear . . . this is why individuals that only rely solely upon this method observe first and but may never try anything. There is a lack of authenticity. The limitations of observation are to copy only without originality.