Some individuals fall into an identity crisis because they have no idea why they were created. What a heavy question with a one word answer: purpose. Purpose is often defined as the reason something was done or created. Some people end up in the matrix movement (Remember the movie?). They are adjusted to the system: work on a job without a purposeful profession, pay bills, go to church, go to school, buy a house, buy a car, eat, sleep . . . .but why am I here?  Life is regulated by routines. There have been countless times that I have engaged in conversation with individuals from all walks of life and end up with statements such as: “I work at ABC company, but I really want to own my own business, go back to school, work for me.” The list continues of what I really want to do.

It is innate to want more out of life than a paycheck. Our originating form was to create in the earth. So whatever your purpose, more than likely it involves creating. Purpose provides an active and relevant lifestyle with focus. It is a never-ending discovery with unlimited territory. If you are doing everything outside of what you were created to do, you altered your identity and created your own crisis.