Over my years, I have made decisions that have yielded positive and negative outcomes. Sometimes, I felt emotionally torn and stressed. Other times, the decisions were easy, and flowed in my life. I admit that difficult or challenging decisions weighed against what I wanted. Meaning, those were the decisions that were costly, and tempting because I yielded to my will. Additionally, I did not want to take personal responsibility for the outcome (immature, right?). It was my will and not the will of God. Wrestling with the will of God creates dangerous delays in life.

In my wiser years, decisions that are God’s will are easy to make because I want to be obedient. When a decision is difficult, tough, challenging, hard or full of fear, there is obviously something else other than the will of God being considered. Sometimes, we create options often referenced as the “permissive” will of God to soothe our direct disobedience. It will feel good for a moment. The will of God is only difficult when weighed against you.