Through the years, my attempts of starting a healthier lifestyle and workout became frequent; almost every few days I was starting a new life. It is easy to believe that weight gain derives from overeating, lack of poor diet and little to no exercise. However, the truth is some people are overweight from unhealthy experiences, decisions, and relationships.

Carrying  emotional weight is detrimental. Sometimes we are just not emotionally fit and it lends to many added pounds of unhappiness, sadness, discontent and lack of identity. This comes from a poor personal diet of eating junk conversations, messy meals, and high sugar socials. I dare to mention word “work-outs” of gossip or finger foods of foolishness. Bad relational diets will cause weight gain. It is just as important to be emotionally fit as physically fit. We have the responsibility of partaking in a healthy lifestyle physically, spiritually and socially.

Make a commitment to getting emotionally fit. You are not a place of waste or dumping ground. Carrying issues of hurt and disappointment have blindsided some and cause many to forfeit dreams. Get fit and stay fit!