There are historically low temperatures in many parts of the United States. I had to really give this some thought and realize that there are benefits to colder temperatures. Bad germs and bacteria will die quicker. In essence, winter is whisking away viruses.

In all of our lives, there are some germs, and viruses that need to die. Sometimes it means extreme measures for full recovery and to finally be rid of negativity. There is risk associated, obviously, but extremity is necessary for hard cases. Negativity dies in the cold. The process of death by cold is pretty simple and makes the next season of life so much easier to deal. Ever had a cold in the summer time? It takes forever to finally leave your system. Warmer temperatures feed fevers, and nurture negativity. Sometimes when summer ends and fall begins, you still have that “lingering cough” that you just cannot seem to be rid of. Cough drops, cough syrup and prescription drugs, but nothing seems to work . . . temperatures get low, and the process completes in its season.

Carrying infectious attitudes and demeanors from season to season due to comfortable temperatures and cozy environments create nasty germs. We have a choice of dealing with the season of bad things dying or carrying those deadly germs and viruses around from season to season; ultimately infecting others. Some cycles are not worth it.