Yes, home . . . in the south . . . in the place of origination, guidance and gift of life. As a child, I always thought to travel and venture out. Well, God granted me the opportunity. But, there is no place like “home.” Home has a deep meaning of permanency.

The meaning of home: the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household. The key word is permanently . . . not temporary. What do you have living in the home of your heart? I think it is a question for all to consider. Sometimes our hearts our filled with regret, guilt, bondage, lack of forgiveness, accusation, and others negative thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Home should provide warmth, comfort, and a refreshing sense of belonging. It is difficult to achieve the maximum benefits of home with outstanding, ancient issues that serve no benefit to life. Conditions and diseases place limits upon life and shortens our ability to live in peace and harmony. A healthy heart is a good home. Wherever home, there is the heart.