Well, the final phase of Enter to Exit. Let’s review the journey: In phase one, the summer sizzle ends, and we reflect on the last several months and assess revisions to be made in life. After the assessment, phase two begins with guilt and despair riding the winds of truth. Unable to endure winds of truth, we seek shelter and safety at the woe-pity party. One may also become comfortable at the pity party. Why? It is familiar and there is nothing to fear because you are not progressing. After all, fear is only present when there is an opportunity to stop you from moving forward. Sooner or later, you are addicted to the pity and emotional condolences; eventually, an offering is collected on your behalf: regrets, sorry, oh-no, OMG, uh-huh, praying for you and of course . . . ‘the devil is a lie’ to name a few.

Review the past seasons, make revisions and process out . . . meaning seek the exit – this is phase three. I truly mean, “seek” the exit. It is often easiest to maintain the pity and ‘woe is me’ disposition. You may have no idea how to exit or get out of a woe-pity party of your mistakes, and bad decisions because you do not know the truth for living a life of lies. It becomes a mind-maze and that is another process. In the mind-maze, one day you realize your mistakes, declare a new day and make a determination to turn your life. Day two, you go to the extreme left with anger and bitterness for those you blame. Day three, you are stagnant and do not know whether you are coming or going, up or down. Day four, you make a decision to turn right and live your life, but then trip and realize you are lost. Day five turns into tears, tears and more tears. Somewhere in-between there is stare and glare, zone and mourn.  Turn after turn, after turn. I challenge you to seek the exit. Stop turning and just be truthful. Not just facing the truth, but living a life of truth and transparency. Seek the exit  . . . you will find it in the truth. . . about you. It takes truth to self-liberate from a lie.