The ending quarter becomes a wind down period from the swift summer action in our lives. It is a good time to review and perhaps revise some decisions and behaviors not so profitable or acceptable to God.  From a personal perspective, an individual has had 3 quarters of performance to determine the value and profitability of relationships, jobs, careers, education, family, and decisions. Are you willing to review the performance and make an honest assessment?

I have experienced 3 phases of the Enter to Exit in my adult years. Phase One, as I will describe for you, employs the R & R (Review & Revise).  For example,  I review and assess comprehensive examinations several times per year of students pursuing their doctorate degrees. I review the papers first and then assess their level of comprehension of theories and concepts they should have mastered through their years of coursework. At this level, there are no revisions, just the assessment and decision. Each examination consists of 3 questions with a written response of 12-15 pages for each question. I can often assess in the first written response if the student has an acceptable understanding of APA writing style coupled with critically synthesizing the literature. I do not make recommendations for revisions or edits, I simply score based upon outlined competencies. There are no opportunities to make revisions.

Sadly, many individuals do not pass, and want to explain or rationalize the written work. Some individuals do not submit all responses, some individuals cheat and others just do not demonstrate the level of analysis and critical thought expected for doctoral work. It is a point of no return and often they request a writing coach, reconsideration or request a redo of their work. Many, many students often state: “Yes, my other professors, always deducted points for that,” or “I always struggled with connecting concepts,” or “I never understood exactly what that theorists was saying,” or “I just did not expect that to be on the exam.” I have yet to have a student admit to seeking help or making revisions before the final examination. Not one student thus far, has admitted to trying to seek help or inquire of their professor for more in-depth discussion for a theoretical underpinning.  At this level, there are no revisions and edits. The final examination determines their access to the next point, which is the dissertation research. Thousands of dollars, classes, and time for failure to address those variables that were stumbling blocks and pointed out along their journey, but never given attention or corrected.

Enter the last quarter of 2013 in making life revisions before the December 31 exit. Assess your convictions and reassess your decisions. Often, this comes with harsh realities. Are you willing to make revisions as needed?  Continuing in the same dead-end decisions, day-to-day dreams and faulty fairytales is self-inflicted emotional malpractice. Make revisions and corrections in your life now, do not wait until it is a cost that you cannot bear.

It takes courage to admit wrongdoings; but it takes a warrior to do something about it.