Transactions are familiar processes that one may define as stability. Stability is not a bad thing, but can be used as an excuse for fear of change and to remain the same. Do you have a transactional lifestyle? The answer is in the heart of the human. Transactional behaviors are not fruitful, but predictable. Transactions are not unique but common. I took a self-assessment of my life. I discovered that in certain seasons of my life I have to make some adjustments to avoid transactional behaviors and predictable responses. I was the owner of life limitations and no advancement. I made the decision to be comfortable and cozy with the ‘known.’

In past, challenging seasons sometimes caused my mind to react in protection of my heart. I considered this to be a transactional and conditioned response – conditioned to respond, trained to protect; a learned behavior that I once allowed to live. I learned that challenges become immune to the same response and reaction; transactional behaviors created cycles in my life. I experienced missed opportunities, promotions and spiritual elevations in my comfortable, cozy zone. Then, at the onset of someone reaching a new horizon, fame and glory, I ask God the infamous question: “When will my time come?” Suddenly a ‘movie in the mind’ occurred of my transactional behaviors. After many scenes and replays, eventually I became wise enough to know the only antibiotic for the transactional virus was deliverance. 

Transactional lifestyles are safe. You can choose to be safe. . . but sorry.