There are certainly no particulars or revelation for the title of this post. It speaks to the truth and transparency of the heart of the writer. Literally, it is past time that the e-pen has placed a stroke on a page. Amazingly, life works in our favor and destiny pours out of situations and circumstances; those very situations and challenges pronounce God’s purpose for our lives. Purpose is really not just a flower, feeling or fad, but it truly engages the testimony of time in one’s life.

How often has the phrase: “I am behind” or “I am past due” come to one’s thought and consideration? Guilt produces procrastination. Time keeps moving, and we are standing still with guilt. This is my story. Writing words to create a story has not been top on my agenda, but a duty I thought worthless on the chore-list.  Challenges do seem to provoke purpose.

Move forward and finish. The race is not given to the swift, but those that endure (Ecclesiastes 9:11).